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Upgrade your TN.gov experience today by downloading MyTN, and experience the smarter, more convenient way to interact with Tennessee State Government. Whether you're a lifelong Tennessean, new resident, visitor, or business owner, MyTN is the easy, efficient, and secure way to access available services and resources within The Volunteer State.

Latest Update

ABC Permit Digital Wallet

A smarter way to store your ABC Permit

Have your ABC alcohol server permit right there when you need it and stop carrying around an old paper permit. It's convenient, easy to access, and meets TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission requirements.

Key Features


Security & Privacy Compliance

Single Sign-On

MyTN uses Single sign-on (SSO) as an authentication method to enable users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication

As an additional security layer, MyTN uses Multi-Factor Authentication, which requires users to identify themselves by more than just a username and password. MyTN will send this as a one-time code via text message, voice message, or email.

ID-Proofing Capabilities

As a third layer of security, MyTN is integrated with identity proofing. This process will ask users to verify themselves by answering some questions.

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